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We Ghuman Knits are a technical consultant & project expert for setting up various types of textile projects related to the knitting industries.

High-Speed Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines

High-Speed High-performance Four Tracks Single Jersey Circular knitting Machine.

With four track cams, it knits well for kinds of fabrics like:

  • Plain Jersey
  • Pique (PK)
  • Single Jersey knitting for t shirts
  • Elastic Fabric e.t.c

Diameter : 26″-40″

Conversion Kit : 3 Thread fleece machine, Terry Machine


Open Width Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

With the special open width, fabric takedown device, which makes sure it manufacture smooth fabric quality without wrinkles.

With four track cams accessories, sinker circular knitting machines can knit different kinds of loop patterns with knitting process.


Dial And Cylinder Full Electronic Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Full jacquard circular knitting machines knitting technique and structures for jacquard patterns. On both sides, dial and cylinder. Fully electronic. Pattern and construction potential is further increased, because the dial needles knit the pattern too, electronically controlled! This opens up a whole new realm of new possibilities, could be widely used for the latest fashions and home textiles, mattresses.

This machine perfectly solves the compatibility issue between the selection systems of dial and cylinder, and could be easily learned and operated.


Dial Cylinder Two-Face Jacquard & Auto Striper & Transfer Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

On the basis of the Two-Face (Dial+Cylinder needle & sinkers Jacquard system) knitting machines we have combined the functions of Auto Striper, Transfer, and knitting tightness adjustment. Vividly Colored patterns are achieved on both faces of the fabric, fully electronically controlled, and adds many possibilities and values when producing for the latest fashion.


Computerized Jacquard Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

A computerized jacquard double knitting machine adapts the working way of three combined sections, including 8-segment or 12-segment jacquard bit, needle jack, and knitting latch needle. Each part is only responsible for one task in the action of jacquard needle knitting, which disperses the abrasion point, reduces the load of each complementary part, and increases its action precision.

Dial adapts to adjustable cam so that complicated cam configuration is avoided and work efficiency is improved. When changing dial cam in 1.8 feeds/inch machine, it is easy to do without dismantling cam box.

Single Jersey Electronic Jacquard Knitting Machine

This type of jersey machines can weave various mesh jacquard or full jacquard.

Options: Mesh Jacquard(Multi feeder 2-Way-Technique system in different gauge & diameters) & Full Jacquard(3-Way-Technique)

Body Size Double Jersey Rib/Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Multi feeder With 2 track dial cams, 4 track cylinder cams, rib, and interlock transfer. It can weave various patterns through different cam arrangement. 3-phase machine.

Double Jersey Rib-interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Double Jersey knit machine with 2 track dial cams, 4 track cylinder cams, rib and interlock transfer, it can weave various pattern through different cam arrangement.

High-Speed Body Size Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

With four-track, it knits well for kinds of fabrics like:

  • Plain Jersey
  • Pique (PK)
  • Pique Mesh
  • Elastic Fabric e.t.c

We Ghuman Knits are a technical consultant & project expert in India for setting up various types of textile projects related to the knitting industry, knitting technology, textile industry & knitting machinery. Some of the major projects we are doing as given below;

Knitted fabrics manufacturing
knitted garments manufacturing
Sweaters manufacturing
Socks manufacturing
Flyknit uppers manufacturing flat knitting
Fleece blankets manufacturing
Coral fleece manufacturing
Compression stocking manufacturing
Kneecap manufacturing
Medical orthopedic
Knitted home furnishings products

Our Company is headed by Mr. Jasbir Singh Ghuman a technically qualified and experienced textile knitting engineer with 30+ years of rich and diverse experience in setting up industrial and commercial projects in the sector of knitting industries.

We are well established Technical Consultants engaged in providing specialized project Consultancy & co-ordination services for the manufacturing of various types of circular knitting projects with decades of experience working with leading knitting plants & export houses. We have successfully established many small, medium, and large manufacturing units and upgraded various manufacturing units. These units are evaluated & approved by most of the International buyers like gap, JC penny, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, wall-mart, target, AMC stores, reebok, h & m, tom tailor, Adidas, and more.

We design the detailed plant layouts, highlighting the required infrastructure for in-house production of woven, fiber, garment, sweater, leather, home furnishing, and circular knitting products bearing in mind to set up a highly competitive, technologically upgraded unit that can stand up for, not only today but for times ahead. We offer customized services based on garment type, unit capacity, and other optional requirements. We plan the unit from fabric receiving followed by a cut to pack including all areas required for stores, cutting, sewing, washing, finishing, packing, administrative areas required for showrooms, sampling, merchandisers, accounts, documentation, etc. OUR STRENGTH Our company is associated with highly established and reputed Architects and Services Consultants for the systematic integration of large projects.

knitting machine review in India. We deliver the best sinker circular knitting machines textile & knit machines, rib machines, and products at the best price to produce the best quality knitted fabric with warranty. Various yarn can be used on these textile machines. We will deliver the best machines at the best price. Various types of yarn can be used on machines to produce various types of fabric. You will get the machines with the best quality cam, needle hook, knit cam, yarn feeding system, needle detector, and groz beckert knitting needles at the best price. Once you have used our product like sinker single jersey machines you will be completely satisfied with the fabric loop structure produced. You can get machines like terry knitting machines and creel stand at the best price with the best latch needles. The needles used to produce fabric on these single jersey machine and terry is very high quality. Our price are truly unbeatable for the products that we sell. You get the best jersey machine at the best price. We are very confident. Total power consumption around 5.5K/W-7.5K/W per jersey machine. 

The quality of the fabric depends on the yarn and needles used. Our machines are equipped with the best quality needles, used along will the best quality yarn will provide you the best fabric quality. We are a company that sells interlock and other knitting machines. We can provide you yarn as well as we deal in different types of yarn as well. Our company will provide a complete setup of the knitting machines. Our company will give you one price and that price will be the best price. Our company will also provide some extra needle with the machines. In case of any information, one can contact us for clearing their doubts. Our contact number is mentioned at the top of the site. One can contact us during work hours. Our company is dedicated to providing complete project report that no other company provides.