Double Covered Yarn Manufactures & Distributors

Double Covered Yarn

Double covered yarn is a type of yarn composed of two different yarns twisted or wrapped together. Typically, it consists of a core yarn, often made of a stretchy material like spandex or elastane, which is then wrapped or covered by another yarn, usually a natural or synthetic fiber like cotton or polyester. This construction creates a yarn with enhanced properties such as stretch, strength, and durability. Double-covered yarn is commonly used in the production of textiles for applications where elasticity and resilience are desired, such as in sportswear, lingerie, and medical textiles.

Used in manufacturing of knitted shoe uppers.

Used in medical orthopedic products.

Used for women garments and undergarment tapes.

Used for manufacturing of socks, gloves, ribbons.


Eco-friendly, high strength, resistance to high temperature, high elasticity, moisture absorbant, anti-bacterial and anti-static.